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Museum Fifteen Hundred and One

Posted in Tourist Information on December 3, 2010 by SLUDGE SODA

In the past I have been a trifle critical of SBC surf magazine, precisely issue 4, which forced me to boycott the rag altogether and label them a poor man’s TWS. However, since they changed the type of print paper, somewhere around issue 7, the magazine became decidedly more interesting. The travel sections are both inspiring and practical and possibly account for the largest percentage of the mag’s content. Fancy that, useful information, in abundance. I thought I was just buying the magazine to look at the ads so I know what to buy so I fit in, homogenously speaking.

Unfortunately, the .com is still chugging along, blindly, offering little to no inspiration and a whole boatload of intraweb redundancy.

An original thought recently published on the site, however, should not be overlooked, especially by local surfers. As a service we provide, readers need not click on this link for the article, I will paraphrase the important details:

“It’s more like stationary waterskiing” I completely agree, but have admittedly never tried moving waterskiing.

“one larger one that often features a huge ball of white water, and is very similar to heading to the beach to catch whitewash all day” Brah, you couldn’t imagine how epicly epic this is with a Dragonrossi, Imagine or Firewire. Production boards are so in.

“I whacked some poor passer-bys with my board” – Sigh. Sounds like he is adapting to the habitat kook culture with ease.

And most importantly “There are two waves in Montreal” Don’t forget this.

Now if our 2 dedicated readers would tweet these thoughts to some twits they know, the local surfing population might finally realize how uncool it is to surf ‘round these islands and take up something far more hep, like kite surfing or overnight full sleeve tatty jobs.


Name Game

Posted in Current Events Class, Tourist Information on September 10, 2010 by SLUDGE SODA

danielle was a darling, hung around for days.
earl was a one punch that some people apparently got goooooood.
fiona where ya going?
gaston, qu-est que tu va faire?
igor, i am sorta relying on you for my vacation enjoyment.

seasons greetings.

guava how-to guide for interprovincial travel $28.99, for u my friend $19.99


photos par marc-andre laurin

you gots to chill fridays

Posted in Tourist Information on August 27, 2010 by SLUDGE SODA

If you live someplace where the waves are inconsistent, lil peelers or generally mellow, yet you still slog it out on a HIGH PERFORMANCE THRUSTER, you probably HATE LONGBOARDERS.


We don’t. Glide time is a glorious time. And contrary to popular belief, these craft are a challenge to flow with.

There is no room for bipartisanship in surfing, keep it in politrics so our so-called democracies can perpetually fail.

Pas Pire

Posted in Current Events Class, Tourist Information, Trippin` on March 1, 2010 by SLUDGE SODA

Transmitting live from the coconut wireless network, Sludge Soda joins voyageur L’Anglais. Our best sources indicate he is deep in the jungle, sitting cross legged, eating rice with his fingers, chewing betel nut and smoking cloves. However, we never listen to our sources and had to find out for ourselves the true definition of the word ‘sabbatical’.  

Good day sir, it is a pleasure to have you join us via coconut wireless.
“In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary…come again?!  

Aside from some sweaty internet corner, just where are you situated right now?
“Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. Actually, Wewala Beach just outside Hikka to be precise.”  

How have the wave conditions been?
“I touched down 3 weeks ago and the first real swell showed up last night. Bananas. Never seen waves come in so quickly and consistently. But, even when it’s “pancake” there’s still always something to surf.”  

Have you burned any locals yet? Consequences?
“I haven’t dropped in on anybody yet but the locals are pretty good at it. Whatever. So many waves. I heard a Japanese girl got smacked the other day b/c she was “in the way”. Lets just say there are some ornery elements in the water. Surfers can be real assholes sometimes.”  

Do you wish you woulda dragged your log across the continent or is their a suitable one for hire?
“Last week, I took a day-trip to a mouse-sized town about 45 minutes away from Hikka, called Midigama, and wished I’d had my log. It had two breaks. “Ram’s Right” which wasn’t working, and “Lazy Left”, which was. Fat wave that spins but never really breaks. My GF’s retro fish woulda been sweet too.”  

What does sabbatical mean to you? 
Endless Summer  

Which song best describes your current pace of life? 
“Aint no Donna but Yu” by Yellowman and Fathead  

What did you eat for breaky this morning?
“Dried Cashews. I skipped breaky cuz the waves were pumpin. But, normally, toast, cheese omelet, papaya, small pot of coffee. That feast’ll run ya a whoppin 3$.  

Sri Lankan dep culture. Discuss. 
“Deps everywhere and they have a little of everything. I feel right at home. The only thing they’re missing are walk-in beer fridges!  

Toilet paper or left hand?
TP…from the dep.  

Which do you miss more: your crock pot, urban creeping or cutting ropes?
Oh damn, I miss creepin and swervin on my horse…no question.  

A Tamil Tiger is:
 Yet another group of human beings crushed by the twin steamrollers of ‘progress’ and ‘democracy’  

Left for dead, somewhere in the Indian, or just right now, 3 essential vinyl to your phonograph?
Willie Nelson’s “Shotgun Willie”, Jimi Hendrix’s “Axis: Bold as Love” and….”Out of step” by Minor Threat.  

3 reasons to sell the farm and relocate to SL?
Rice’n’curry, my 6/5 winter wetsuit collecting dust back home, and my sunburnt beak.  

Have you sampled the local shine? If not what is the apres beverage of choice?
The local beer is “Lion” beer. Good…not great. Local sauce is “Arrak”. Kinda like a medeciny whiskey…good with coke and lime.  

10 bucks Cdn is like 1050 Rupees – what can I buy?
“A nice room in a beach-side guest house. Another 10 bones gets you 3 decent meals. Get the picture?  

What’s the last thing you expected to see in Sri Lanka?
Dude, a kayaker in the line-up the other day. We were howling. I’ve got a lotta respect for the guys who paddle China Beach year-round, but this guy the other day had no business out there. He was getting tossed around. It was like Bambi-on-ice.  

PEACE to all the Goons! Keep the shred alive!  



Chinese Piss Party

Posted in reflecting it big, Tourist Information on December 18, 2009 by SLUDGE SODA

This post is LOOOOONG overdue. Apologies to shutterbug Mack. Damn, what we wouldn’t give to be back in our springsuits rightaboutnow!

Ghost-faced...soon to be shit-faced

Goons put the ass in class

Rabid rapids

Welcome to Texas

Construire une vague vol 1

Posted in Current Events Class, Less Than VHS, planting wave, Tourist Information on November 9, 2009 by SLUDGE SODA

G trouvé une rampe qui ressemble a peu de chose près a celle des suises … Meloche-Ville a été la premier spot qu on a visité pour installer la rampe… mais pas de chance la disposition ne permet pas l installation … ensuite je suis aller voir au park des rapides mais les gardes mon interdit l accès a la rive … Alex Larue ma dit que cettait possible de fixer la rampe a Laval …. la ou a eu lieu notre test no 1 ….

pour conclure ….. construire la rampe est une bonne idée …. la trouvé un peu moin ya de bonne chance quelle ne soit pas conçue pour cette fonction ………….. et la vague de Laval a du bon potentiel

en voie d’extinction

Posted in Current Events Class, ery, Tourist Information on October 24, 2009 by SLUDGE SODA

L ExtrêmeOrient est tres desertique c temps ci …. il ne reste que les goons et les oiseaux ….ou sont allés les kayaks …. apres une recherche intense g fini par comprendre qu ils etaient parties a la decouverte de nouveaux spots … les recherches s effectuent dans le nord …dans les air … et dans le sud … d autre se font a la piscine … au lac … et a la campagne …voila ou sont les pagayeurs

je dedicace ce post a la schtroumphette …. we miss you

we miss him 2

we miss him 2

un petit extra bien  pour finir …….