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back to the futur 1 (le passé rapproché)

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once upon a time the monkey waz still surfing ………


6 Tage in München

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jour 1 (la journée qui ne finie jamais )

minuit départ de lagrave direct apres la job , 2h de route petite pause au lac de annecy , ensuite straight to geneve ,vol a amsterdam pour 3h d escale

ensuite vol pour munich , direction la vague qui est entre le terminal 1 et 2 , mais qu’est que je fais la

bon allez je vais la surfer , pour toute la journée je n’ai fait que de tomber , meme pas capable de faire l aller retour , quelle merde (maman let me come home )

allez  une chose de bien guigui a des restes de amsterdam au moins on va bien dormir

jour 2 (same shit diferent day )

et comme par magie je trouve le moyen de faire un peu moins dur et meme quelques chears a mon égard ouff feel good

jour 3 ( jour de qualification )

meme si je ne peux pas vraiment surfer la vague je  ne suis pas obligé de faire la premiere journée de compét,  je passe direct au final day alors journée downtown

et voila je suis rendu ici

comme c bon de surfer la riviere love it

ok time to go back a la compét , pour voir ce qui ce passe

bon allez un peu de surf ca va faire du bien , et blam la machine en panne pour 1h et puis voila c bon on est reparti

jours 4 ( the real comp day)

allez c bon le but est de ne pas finir dernier , battre marlon lipke , battre au moins un mec du fus crew , pour le reste I dont care


allez la compét est fini pour moi jai réussi a remplir mes objectifs et meme plus (time to party) et voir la final

jour 5 ( j ai mal a la tete )

reveil a 13h petite session sur eisbach 

jour 6 (time to go home )

derniere petite session a l aéroport , juste assez de temps pour defoncer mon board ( pull out the futur fins insert )

merci a citywave , la mere a guigui , yoyo , bjoern , carsten ,and all munich surf comunity , the swiss ans the swedish connection , and every one else ..

the tyee swim no more

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numbers are dwindling

Perudise – Thrice is Nice

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A red eye, born date flight is the order of the day.

I must say, I really love Peru; the food, culture, waves and people have all come together on my past two travels and I look forward to this one.

The Peruvian elite really understand how to keep the po’ po’ and the rich rich. Perhaps, they just don’t have time to lie to their peasants and allow for the emergence of a middle class. Time is money, so don’t waste theirs? I mean, look at the Canadian middle-upper class; strictly a holding account of debits and credits between a couple hundred elite corporations and something fancily lobbied, err labeled, a democracy. What a waste.

By stifling economic development, concentrating the wealth: the well-to-do 2% live comfortably, the poor 98% get by and foreign visitors reap the benefits of a widened economic gap and robust purchasing power.

Enough with the how, let’s get back to the what.
What 1 – This spot absolutely lit up for 3 days. This was not one of the days, hence, the emptiness, but it was still really fun. Our first sight of this wave was afternoon onshore blow out. Three hours later, we rocked up and it was near dbl OH barreling perfection and both Dani and I had our best waves on our first drop ins. Truly a stunner of a spot.
What 2 – Up the road tourist town. Fun cobblestone point. Good vibes.
What 3 – Back to the first spot, pre dawn. These guys were stoked the swell was dropping as their 8 man fishing team went to work. Two guys laying nets out on SUP, two out in the trawler, one spear fisher, one gathering in the reef, one grunt and the boss man. This is what a sustainable fishing business should resemble, as opposed to the multinational 24/365 Longline fishing genocide currently in fashion.

new years restitution

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res·ti·tu·tion – A return to or restoration of a previous position or state [of mind].

a. July 7
b. August 24
c. July 20

"And sometimes lurk I in a gossip's bowl." Act 2, Scene 1, line 47


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on a commencer a bali ou g surfer uluwatu (00.21)

pour ensuite aller a lombok ou g rider gerupuk (01.01)

maui (01.44)

apres un petit stop a desert point (02.28)

pour ensuit aller a lembogan (02.55)

then back to uluwatu (03.50)

petit manque de swell c le temps pour green ball (05.32)

et nyang nyang (06.20)

le swell est rentré so on est aller a g-land (07.11)

back to bali retour a uluwatu (08.34)

pour finir on est aller a sumbawa pour surfer lakey peak (09.41)

le fun commence (10.59)

et voila le petit lien orange

tout est en ordre chronologique , that my indo surf trip .

Museum Fifteen Hundred and Two

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and the beat goes on…

No cutting in line, budging, pushing to the front—everyone gets their turn. Snaking is not an option.” – anybody ever surf with l’anglais? slyest snake job around. putting the rope around your neck like a dog. boom. l’anglais just snaked you. stuck in a long-winded coversation with gilles. damn. l’anglais just snaked the y’all again. keeps the lineup on point.

“in the winter you will just be sharing it with one or two people” – that’s a fact, jack.