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les etoiles ca veut rien dire …

Posted in Current Events Class, Dark Chamber, Tourist Information on November 11, 2011 by SLUDGE SODA

bon ce matin  je me suis levé , jai regardé mon site de prévision surf préféré , 5 etoiles nice , le seul problem la direction du swell

donc lessons du jours



to go or not to go, that is the question

Posted in Dark Chamber on November 11, 2011 by SLUDGE SODA

nuff reasons to go.
nuff reasons to stay.

You can’t fly like an eagle if you hang with turkeys!!

Posted in Current Events Class, Dark Chamber, diatribe on September 2, 2011 by SLUDGE SODA

Surfing is hard…even when it’s easy. That being said, if you wanna improve, you have to approach it with an open mind, and, more importantly, you have to start surfing with cats that are better than you and that are willing to pass some of their knowledge along to you.  Easier said than done. Surfing, like kung fu, is replete with charlatans. Choose your sparring partners wisely.

Luckily for me, I’ve managed to link up with a few righteous kings who were more than willing to share and share alike. A couple that stand out…Joe Louis, Mount Real surf pioneer extraordinaire and down’n’dirty Texas creeper, was the first to show me how not to get bet burnt on Chinese soup. I passed that little tip on to, and only to, that party animal we all know as…McGoon (pictured above). Little did I know that that would be one of the few lessons I had for him.

Luckily for me…indeed. Joe Louis and McGoon are like the Fischer and Kasparov of surfing. Meaning…they’ve got life by the hangin brain and are always a few steps ahead of everyone else.  At this point, I’m just trying to keep up.  My point in all of this is…there is no point, just like there is no spoon.

august spread: unravelling da mystery of chessboxin’

Posted in Dark Chamber on September 1, 2011 by SLUDGE SODA

“raw i’m gonna give it to ya, with no trivia
raw like cocaine straight from bolivia”

“a man vexed is what the projects made me
rebel to the grain there’s no way to barricade me”

“i got beef with commercial-ass ni**as with gold teeth
lampin in a lexus eatin beef”

“here i go, deep type flow
jacques cousteau could never get this low…”

“half mastered ass style mad ruff task
when i struck i had on timbs and a black mask”

“looks like the work of a master
evidence indicates that it’s stature
merciless like a terrorist hard to capture”

“my people are you with me where you at?
smoking meth hittin cats on the block with the gats”

returning to the 36 chambers is good for the soul

6 Tage in München

Posted in back in the staticness, Dark Chamber, Good Surfing, Less Than VHS, Trippin` on August 26, 2011 by SLUDGE SODA

jour 1 (la journée qui ne finie jamais )

minuit départ de lagrave direct apres la job , 2h de route petite pause au lac de annecy , ensuite straight to geneve ,vol a amsterdam pour 3h d escale

ensuite vol pour munich , direction la vague qui est entre le terminal 1 et 2 , mais qu’est que je fais la

bon allez je vais la surfer , pour toute la journée je n’ai fait que de tomber , meme pas capable de faire l aller retour , quelle merde (maman let me come home )

allez  une chose de bien guigui a des restes de amsterdam au moins on va bien dormir

jour 2 (same shit diferent day )

et comme par magie je trouve le moyen de faire un peu moins dur et meme quelques chears a mon égard ouff feel good

jour 3 ( jour de qualification )

meme si je ne peux pas vraiment surfer la vague je  ne suis pas obligé de faire la premiere journée de compét,  je passe direct au final day alors journée downtown

et voila je suis rendu ici

comme c bon de surfer la riviere love it

ok time to go back a la compét , pour voir ce qui ce passe

bon allez un peu de surf ca va faire du bien , et blam la machine en panne pour 1h et puis voila c bon on est reparti

jours 4 ( the real comp day)

allez c bon le but est de ne pas finir dernier , battre marlon lipke , battre au moins un mec du fus crew , pour le reste I dont care


allez la compét est fini pour moi jai réussi a remplir mes objectifs et meme plus (time to party) et voir la final

jour 5 ( j ai mal a la tete )

reveil a 13h petite session sur eisbach 

jour 6 (time to go home )

derniere petite session a l aéroport , juste assez de temps pour defoncer mon board ( pull out the futur fins insert )

merci a citywave , la mere a guigui , yoyo , bjoern , carsten ,and all munich surf comunity , the swiss ans the swedish connection , and every one else ..

NOIR(wetsuit) et BLANC(neige)

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who dat Gui?

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