it no flat no mo

Surfers of fortune “discovered” that the wave has begun its merry churn towards delightfully rippable. Unfortunately, it will take a lot of rope trimming and hedge shaping to prevent it from another slide to pancake status. Tough work for the tradesmen, but it can be rewarding, especially for the community. And you! Yeah you. You are aware the rope was 100% responsible for the disappearance of the wave? Paddling can be an asset in surfing, I’ve heard, and the best tip for catching this habitat 67 static wave; “fish oil second only to duck when it comes to wave slithering.” Line up to get down, yo.

A slight rehash of the 7am wave report:
Bird Rage: 7/10 – the chicks musta hatched, not a single talon-to-scalp strike.
Water Quality: 2/10 – full on garbage soup with a hint of rotten onion.
Crowd: 10/10 – champagne, cocaine and peelers, for it was a celebration.
Wave: 9/10 – shake it if you’ve got it.

stacks on deck; patron on ice; we can pop bottles all night


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