Full Day Grind

20min commute by Volvo. Tunnel FILLED with silica dust.

Sunriser session.

Stash boards in 7th ave compost.
Drink Gatorade. Seriously.

25km commute by velo with honorable Strava results.
Work and sleep on park bench – Drool and miss alarm kine sleep.
25km commute by velo with less remarkable speed.

Pineapple and a PR.
Sunset session.
Share last piece of free cheese pie from Almondo.
20min commute by Volvo. Tailgate-sized hole now repaired.

Any-way to escape mid 30’s heat with 5 star humidity.


2 Responses to “Full Day Grind”

  1. Foam Mower Says:

    Nothin like the sunblock zombie look. 😉

  2. how come nobody told me my sunblock was so patchy? oh wait people tell me that all the time. ta gueule i know i have a lotta sunblock on.. it’s a surfing badger people! jeez..

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