Tuff Times: Technology Fail

“Bro! The flow meter is broken! And anonymous is gonna shut down the F1! Bro!”

Luckily, we’ve got our people on the ground, chasing Charlie straight through the tunnels to Hamburger Hill.

“Waves is 8/10 a bit flat but mad speed on the frontside.
Quality of the water: 2/10
Level: Don’t know. Seems like Anonymous hack the site it’s been block for to days.
Crowd: nsp seams to be the $hit out there.

“This is Oli with the Thursday wave report…all white.. board for the day: a zodiac.. chinos at 5”

The community chimes in and we all benefit.
And by all, I refer to the two dedicated SS readers.
BTW WTF is chinos?
A barbershop in the BX ‘burb of LaSalle?


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