“Bro, I hope they don’t cancel the F1!”

Mainstream media’s abysmal coverage of the “student strike” can simply be classified as ten pounds of $hit in a five pound bag – not like that should come as any surprise. For a local media used to reporting on such issues as high bacteria counts in public swimming pools and backseat driver opinions on the Montreal Canadiens, this social unrest biz is a bit outside their scope.

Perhaps without an approved narrative from politicians or corporations, the “reporters” are at a complete loss, since the events may call for “investigative practices” not normally utilized outside of journalism school case studies. They are even failing to recognize that the thousands upon thousands of people walking around all peeved and $hit are NOT ALL STUDENTS. WHAT? Social unrest. But this is Canada, land of the pleasant, non-voting, pro-consumer citizen. Correction, this is Quebec. Same passport, different country. Unrest has historically occurred in this part of the country and not too many other parts.

Hunter S Thompson’s “Hells Angels” account of immersing himself in the biker culture of Northern California in the mid 60’s is a reminder of how out-of-touch journalists, h*ll bent on fear mongering and complete situational misunderstanding report differently on the same events. Of course everyone’s perception can and will be different, but getting past appearance and prejudice to report actual facts is a likely a key to objective journalism. Likely.

With regard to Bill 78 (which essentially restricts the act of protesting) Leger Marketing concludes “If you are older, anglophone, rich or live in the Quebec City area you support the tough bill. If you are from Montreal, young, francophone or have lower revenues, chances are you oppose it.” <- This is the line of opinion you should assume. Read it, memorize it and discuss with co-workers. The youth have nothing to complain about, they drink $6 latte’s and own smart phones. Textbook terrorists. Duh.

Is it not funny how the only time the protests turn to vandalism and other malicious behaviour is when police forces mobilize and attempt to detain unarmed citizens wearing red felt squares? Is it not funny how the government, you know, the one’s with the power to actually rule over its citizens, are essentially following the logic to “ignore the problem and it will go away”? It may work for crabs and the clap, but I doubt the momentum seen here is just gonna disappear.

Care to bet on it? <- Is it any wonder this was published in the Gazette’s Entertainment section…


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