Never sail on a Friday

Chief Feathers summoned the other savages with a 12PM smoke signal. No, not the same smoke signals affecting the White Man’s tunnel transportation system. After much humming and hawing, it was agreed the wagon would part around 7PM to avoid speed detection by White Man with speed gun. A brick of Bud, Robaxacet, Life Brand flavoured nuts, 12 mix ‘n match sandwiches and quinoa salad are a modern tribe’s munch’ems.

Smoke Signal Rcvd: “We are in low and conditions look good. I am touring and you will arrive in perfect timing. HASTA PRONTO!%-”

Pow Wow No. 1:
*Marinated pork tenderloin
*Honey garlic sausages
*Garrison Bitter
*Philly cheese infused BBQ’d Sweet Pot’s
*Butter n Bacon fried mushies
*Sante Fe salad

Pow Wow No. 2:
*Langosta Parmesan dip
*Langosta a la sabor Peruana
*Mission Hill Pinot Grigio
*Arroz perfecta!
*Philly cheese infused BBQ’d Sweet Pot’s again
*Jost NS Port for dessert

With waves nearly as fun as the pow wow’s and time spent with El Ray y familia, we certainly thanked our mother’s for allowing the trip to transpire.


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