Tuition Hike & The Student Strike

In this installment of SS reads to digital newspaper, we choose to fling poop with anonymous internet commenter’s on the issue of tuition hikes. Although, the current heat is on Quebec tuition hikes, the debate is universal.

The following are actual comments people made on a CBC news article. Red ink is the editor’s reply.

”This is pathetic. Give Quebec to the Indians. Problem solved.” I’m confused. Which Indians are we talking about here? The one’s who were slaughtered or assimilated, then herded into the cultural genocide of the residential school system? Are they striking over tuition levels as well?

“This is mainly the french students since the english universities and CEGEP’s are all running fine.” Oh yes, introduce a cultural difference into the debate – this technique also works great if you introduce race and gender…

“Merit and working your way up has no meaning to them.” Pure slave rhetoric. NEXT!!!

“Poor Muclair, poor NDP, poor Canada if this is the type of entitlement neurosis that has seized Quebec.” Put down your psychology textbook and step into the real world, you trust-funded hack.

“Sadly, they will be forced, when they “graduate”, to seek government subsidies by joining the Bloc.” Nice wordplay, 7/10 for creativity.

“OMG! So they refuse to go to class? I hope they all get a F then.” Ya know what deep thinker, the last one to the playground is a rotten egg.

“To Quebec youth: Nobody likes whiners. GTFO. Whiners never prosper. This is not a principled fight. Its just a bunch of whiners.” Stick to your guns, it’s all you’ve got.

“Bunch of far left moonbats. Just wait until they join the real world.” Is the real world where uneducated adults are up to their eyes in debt they will never pay off, but slavishly pay the interest every month, so their overconsumption can continue?

“Maybe those that are protesting these increases should be kicked out.” Maybe you should shut your mouth right now, small pieces of shit are crusted to your upper lip. It’s gross.

“The new NDP Dippers in Quebec will be right behind this strike. Anything to screw up the country.” I know this guy drinks coffee at Tim Horton’s every day, just to fulfill his patriot duty.

“Spend less money on beer or those famous Montreal strip clubs, and you’ll be fine. Most of us wouldn’t even let our parents pay our tuition, let alone all the other taxpayers. And for goodness sake, stop comparing yourselves to legitimate protesters protesting legitimate issues.” Legitimate – conforming to law or to rules.

“Lock them out and send them home. Send home anyone who is not working. Lock up any remaining nimrods. Move on.” “Monday burn Millay, Wednesday Whitman, Friday Faulkner, burn ’em to ashes, then burn the ashes. That’s our slogan.” Fahrenheit 451

“Poor muffins, get a grip. Quebec’ers seems to have one weird view of the world. Maybe they should move to France and see what it’s like.” When was the last time you left grandma’s basement for some fucking cheeto’s?

“harper do us all a favor and give quebec back to france” Hmm, a point worth considering…but do you still call all Quebecer’s “pepsi’s”?

There were of course, some voices of reason, at the very, very end of the comment section:

“we will only be free from the confines of socialism when all students are equally in debt. and as for all those other ridiculous benefits like access to education being a foundation of a healthier, more politically engaged populace with greater life satisfaction and a tendency to be more involved with their families and communities, who needs it?

“For many years government policy has been taking money out of education to pay for healthcare. Yet we have a skilled labor shortage and we are trying to tweak our immigration system to address the problem. These are facts not opinions.”

“Gazebos, F35s, useless wars, fake lakes & Rob Ford’s transportation flip-flops are getting so expensive… BLAME QUEBECKERS! They fight for accessible education. What a shame.

“If you look at history, when governments keep people ignorant or reduce access to proper education it is a sign that governments want submissive-dependent people.”

I don’t go to school, have no student loan debt and could give two shits if school in Quebec is the cheapest of all the provinces, but historically speaking, once a government gains control of a pricing system, logic, reason and sustainability go straight out the fucking door.


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