how ’bout that weather

a boon (schooled by Birdman – searching for replacement phrase) to the ski season is a blessing to the rio.
a forecasted 19 on sunday that is.

txt rcvd: just crossed the champlain. all the ice in the shipping lane is breaking up. i’m having lunch in ____ on thurs or fri for sure!

txt rcvd: is that the one where jazz gets tossed out of the house or the one where hilary goes shopping?

there you have it, the experts have weighed in, ice free by wednesday afternoon.


4 Responses to “how ’bout that weather”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    beg too differ.. plenty of ice by that afternoon

  2. isn’t a boon a good thing? of course, you’re still cordially invited to schlep to the eastern most point of the prov in april.

    not sure i trust l’anglais’ ice detection system, but i’m down

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