The Yardlets

When the east, west and fresh coasts are pancake and the river is more iced-out than a Nun’s Island jewelry box, Sludge Soda Swillers opt for the obvious…getting soaked at a Yardlets show!

They play fast & hard and make you thankful for that water caught in your inner ear!

Sludge Soda Etiquette Rule # 1: When attending any form of social gathering (concert, party, pic-nic, etc.)  always bring your own chicas. It’s only polite.

Getting oiled up for the dance floor…

Sludge Soda Etiquette Rule # 2: Always be polite to celebrities even if you’re McGruff , you don’t have cable hooked up and you’re definitely not a fan of The Office….you never know, they might buy the next round!

Sludge Soda Etiquette Rule # 3: Always thank the chicas for footing the bill for your pepperoni poutines and pogos.


4 Responses to “The Yardlets”

  1. McGruff's Eyes Says:

    Born with a stiff upper lip, son

  2. Rainn Wilson Says:

    Look bro, don’t hate a player cuz I got surfer swag and you just splash around on a piece of foam for the soul of it. Do you like my hat?

  3. sporting while sporing is good too

  4. LOL best non-sporing post n ages

    McGoon not impressed by Dwight K Schrute, ftw

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