Trip Report: Venison & Single Fins in St Cats

First, the potatoes are peeled, cubed and tossed in salted, boiling water. OG Baby Huey wails in the background. Next, he sorts through the green beans, removing moldy ones before tip and tailing the healthy few. The greens are steamed just long enough to be hot, but not lose their crunch. Simultaneously, a heavy frying pan is heated. Level 8, it seems. A artery clogging amount French dollop of butter is dropped in the pan, sizzling, but not to the point of burning brown. Venison contre filets are flipped onto the pan and sizzle with excitement. Of course, a douse of ‘Real city steak spice meets the filets and butter drenched pan. Sear one minute. Flip. One minute. Plate ‘em up. Delicious.

For dessert, a 70’s era single fin was discovered in the middle of a block of EPS foam. Tasty.


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