THEM terrorists

“The only way to render a word meaningless is to overuse it.” L’Anglais

We came, as terrorists, to the land of cheap smokes, CB radio, bingo, AC/DC and Pil. The internet confirms other less obvious suspicions; that being, at one time pec was THE MECCA of canning in Canada and still a fine place to find ‘Million Dollar Relish’. “Probably get your photo in the paper, paddling out down that way. A right at Mac’s Milk, then hook a left after passing the liquor store” said Marv(real name Fred), who also entertained with personal best ski speed records and 120 foot ragdoll crashes, high(literally) in The Rockies. “I know Marv was lying about the directions, cuz with that nose and that facial capillary damage, he NEVER passes a liquor store” cautioned L’Anglais.

We flew, as terrorists often do, through cottage country to Punta Salmonero, gracias fellow river sufferer. Disobeying private property signs, laws and obvious non-Mohawk land claims, as terrorists often do, we observed wind slop and limestone slabs. Cold, burly, sketchy and wonky immediately came to mind, along with thoughts of locals capping terrorists with shotgun blasts. Bang! Bang! But, in the true spirit of terrorists, seeking lofty goals, we trudged on to more geographically promising points. “Ha, glad I didn’t bring my shovel, waste of space, didn’t think we be digging out of too many snow banks.”  Minutes later arrived the great blizzard of 2012 and subsequently, the driving was replaced by actual trudging and we spun like Dorothy back to the original spot.

Beer, bbq and cross border navigation(as terrorists often fly) followed, until we were back in the land of the FLQ, spreading propaganda and chaos, generally. For Sludge Soda bubbles, boils and thrives like Gremlins in a culture of conservatism and fear, generally.


2 Responses to “THEM terrorists”

  1. nice one boys. next time we can couch surf a yacht in ktown

  2. l'anglais Says:

    They have Beer Stores in New Brunswick?!

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