Searching: 1 in 10

+ 1/10 Canadian children live in poverty (StatsCan – informed leading the blind ad f-ing nauseum)
+ 1/10 People suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (How many times did YOU check the reports today?)
+ 1/10 UK bank notes tainted with cocaine (Please help fund the continuing wars of Latin America)
+ 1/10 People may be hit with diabetes by 2030 (“sugar kills, ask a diabetic”) Count bass d lyrical genius.
+ 1/10 Groupon deals may not save you money (Matt, please break it down)
+ 1/10 A personal best catch and release record on the rio (this morning).

Thankfully, others came to enjoy the unforeseen flatness and stunning sunrise combo.



3 Responses to “Searching: 1 in 10”

  1. The Polygynous Lontra Canadensis Says:

    Nuttin but love in the St Lo. Even an otter can attest to that.

    “Somersaults and Slides: Supremely agile and acrobatic, the otter is markedly more playful than most animals. It can be observed wrestling and somersaulting with other otters, deliberately tossing and diving for rocks or shells, repeatedly capturing and releasing live prey. It is famous for its tendency to slide gleefully down wet banks, or along snow-covered terrain, a behaviour that has as much to do with practical, speedy travel as it does with pleasure and amusement. Otters are also adept at catching and consuming their prey in the water, sometimes floating on their backs while they hold their food in their forepaws.”

  2. So much cocaine was used in London in 2005 that scientists there were able to pick up traces of it in the River Thames. What are there traces of in the St. Lo??!!

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