ditch work. go surf. and learn.

the following is a post-fresh air dialogue lacking explicit detail. the names have been removed to protect the noble.

“Yeah, but 3000 meters isn’t a terribly long hike, why do you need the donkey?”

“Well, first you stop at the village market and drink two glasses of San Pedro. Then, you hop on a donkey and ride up the mountain. The donkey knows the trail, but there is no chance you can find your way after consuming the Huachuma. Plus, the plant clears out all bodily fluids; you puke your guts out, then you shit until that’s empty too. Once all the toxins have left your body, you are left with a 10-12 hour full-on, mescaline trip. The mountain is so high, you feel like you can reach out and touch the moon.”

“Oh, now I understand why you need the donkey.”


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