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khar khara mishnassah

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localism died with print. attention expats. check your inbox for the memo.

expat drop in special

digestimarg options cerrado. will waste bandwidth staying current. whatever current means.

hot dog especiale’s for thanksgiving dinner and more pacificos than a panga driver. arriba.


Quick & Easy…Just like _______

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“What is it about traveling?
It’s about education. That’s the way I educate myself. The best education is learning about the world, you know, instead about some abstract concept or something. Learning about the world is the most important thing. Everywhere I travel, it’s a learning experience.”
Yvon Chouinard (Interview by Michael Kew from 2003 )

You drove 24hrs on a weekend to surf?
That shit’s doesn’t even faze me, just don’t ask me to drive across the province of Ontario ever again.
Sometimes I sit at habitat for two minutes and twelve seconds listening to someone talk uninformed jibberish about their board or fluo wax.
That shit’s seems like an eternity, and did you hear they invented fluo wax JUST for La Cordee customers. True story.

Fortunately, there is no price tag on adventure.
Besides, the cost is much higher on your conscience when you don’t go.
Like, damn, what was it like and might I have met the girl of my dreams in Oromocto or in Wine Harbour?

Two is company and three is a surfari is what Tony Danza used to say.
Or perhaps it was Polly Marois?
I can never remember these fine details, but loved every minute spent in the fire red wagon, speeding through moose country.

Ain’t no thang L’Anglais was back at the blocks, post-travail, schralping Monday afternoon.
Birdman probably rode his bike to work and polished off the rest of his Bánh mì stock like it ain’t no thang.
What is some thang is my tardiness on this whole mess of stoke.

A weekend spent with El Ray de Beach Niche has a tendency to make you take a long look in the mirror though.

Long live the King. Larga vida El Ray.

les etoiles ca veut rien dire …

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bon ce matin  je me suis levé , jai regardé mon site de prévision surf préféré , 5 etoiles nice , le seul problem la direction du swell

donc lessons du jours


to go or not to go, that is the question

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nuff reasons to go.
nuff reasons to stay.

Quote Jackin’

Posted in Current Events Class on November 10, 2011 by SLUDGE SODA

“When the flowing river of life hits the rapids, ride the wave.” I think Big John said that.

Green leaves in November means we’ll be surfing into January. ” I think L’Anglais said that.

“Accountants are primarily responsible for preparation, explanation and accuracy of any financial paperwork and often oversee the efficient use of funds and related tasks – aka Economic assassins” I think I just said that.

ditch work. go surf. and learn.

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the following is a post-fresh air dialogue lacking explicit detail. the names have been removed to protect the noble.

“Yeah, but 3000 meters isn’t a terribly long hike, why do you need the donkey?”

“Well, first you stop at the village market and drink two glasses of San Pedro. Then, you hop on a donkey and ride up the mountain. The donkey knows the trail, but there is no chance you can find your way after consuming the Huachuma. Plus, the plant clears out all bodily fluids; you puke your guts out, then you shit until that’s empty too. Once all the toxins have left your body, you are left with a 10-12 hour full-on, mescaline trip. The mountain is so high, you feel like you can reach out and touch the moon.”

“Oh, now I understand why you need the donkey.”