fire & brimstone – it’s stew season!

Whilst digging through the digital cache of Senor 40D and still digesting Old Orchard beef stew 13hrs later, I stumbled uponst a most mystical day of unpublished, fair weather schralping – sun and fog combo on the flueve. Then the wheels started turning as morning champagne led to Caesar’s chased by beer and a Sunday arvo cooking mission – a beef stew.

Tools for the task:
Of course, the right vinyl starts off any cooking session. Naturally…JJ Cale <-Songwriter extraordinaire to the stars of the 70's, a bit shy for prime time, according to internet facts, but by far, my favorite accoustic artist.

Ye olde clay pot has been shelved in favor of the Smart Slow Cooker in 2011 – evolution, like getting your 1st cell phone in 2010. So many bells and whistles I didn’t even know where to start, but chanced with the power button. And presto, it worked. Speed reading the booklet, Preset 6 (Slow n Low) seemed appropriate – 10hrs to tenderize. Holla.

Raw materials list:
Caribou, gin, beef, cinnamon, sugar, celery, potato, garlic, oregano, carrots, zucchini, S&P. L’Anglais’ $0.02 on Caribou; “ah, you mean that shit people drink in Quebec City.” Interesting fact and thanks for the history lesson.

The m-e-t-h-o-d mang:
*Betty Crocker advises to brown the beef prior to stewing and I do whatever Betty says, so the beef was browned.
*A stew is no glass house, so the remaining ingredients were chopped and dumped, along with 3 cups of beef stock.
*The slow cooker does the rest and I awake Monday morning, ready to feast like the Dyaks of Borneo.
*Discipline and porridge prevailed and I set the Slow Cooker back on another 10hr, low-heat task and left to do my time as an inmate of the social zoo(Note 1).
*There are a couple more tricks that you’ll have to ask grandma about, in terms of thickening prior to serving, etc… but those are details easily ironed out next time.

All in all the stew was quite splendid. The gin and Caribou add something original and urge sharing this simple 15min of prep recipe with anyone lazy enough to employ the efficiencies of a slow cooker. PS: If you don’t save any Caribou to add, try a splash of port or sherry ya lush.

Note 1: Inmate of the social zoo – living proof of the continuing existence of humanity.


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  1. BJ and the Beer Says:

    Nice Slippers!!!

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