“And the elephants are dancing on the graves of squealing mice”

Doubles round robin play resumed early Wednesday morning with the blokes in the fire red wagon finding difficulty crossing streams. Some believe they had a hex cast their way by a Neovison vison who overheard their discussion on why mink seat covers and bar wrap are all the rage on Van Horne. The line judges did, nonetheless, appreciate their enthusiastic hoots and hollers on par with the infamous Seles Grunt.

Next up, the (450) warriors came for their two run ‘n’ done sideshow and they even brought a substitute, Vic de Verger St-Bruno. Standup lads, but their doubles play borders on the edge of chaos, anarchy and Occupy St-Hubert so we’ll undoubtedly see some carnage in the later rounds.

Victorious in this morning’s crossover exchange are the lanky bloke and Coco Beach boy duo. Though they didn’t bring the heat via a Fraulein Forehand and generally speaking, their performance was rather bunk, for lack of better terms, they did exhibit improvements in their short[board] game and even swapped rackets at one point. Dollars to donuts these guys listen to Fleetwood Mac pre surf or at least the New Born Reggae Ting FM 90.3 Wednesday’s 4am – 7am.

Well that’s all for now folks. Stay tuned to Sludge Soda for more riveting highlights from October Sessions Doubles action at H67. I’ve been your host, Jacques Racquet reminding you to keep your board white and your teeth whiter! Toodles.


One Response to ““And the elephants are dancing on the graves of squealing mice””

  1. Ginger Baker in the skin spot!

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