Getting there

You just know it’s gonna be a good day when you cross paths with a Ile Ste Helene renard at 5:30am.
Long, elegant strides. Perky in the right places. And a bushy tail to boot.

Fast forward 3 minutes and it’s a game of empty parking spot chess with Oli.
Yeah, it was early.

Slo mo through the fresh cut grass, slipping and sliding along the path.
Anticipation (“like the first rising vibes of an acid frenzy” HST)
Freight trains freight training. Commuters commuting.
Wish I had a head lamp.
Or a beekeeper’s helmet to ward off the freshly spun webs gathering across my face.

And there it was, 9 out of 10, agreed.
Crew followed, once dawn began to break.
But a good crew.
Great even, by my standards.

Marvelous morning of the earth it was.


3 Responses to “Getting there”

  1. Sleeping Behind the Wheel Says:

    It was too dark and too sudden to get a snap of the babe or even ask for a dance.

  2. no pics of the fox? the one on mont-royal is haggard

    beauty shot of the morning glass

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