night train

Membership to the sunrise board of directors group has multiplied – Inclusive gang they are.
With the sun rising over formula 1 corner 10 (L’Epingle for the initiated) and not the casino, pre dawn is the only answer.
The how is the question.
Flood lights and a generator – been there done that, no dice.
Plenty of carrots can only carry your vision so far – not far enough.
I got a molotov cocktail with a match to go” – sorry Axel, you burnt me in Van, 11-7-2002.
I hear talk of light emitting diodes concealed in board construction. Lame.
Lame on me for using the word lame.
I hear talk of glow sticks. I like, but remain skeptical concerning utility.
I dream of roman candles and a proper light show for H67 residents. Cops prolly show up and tell us the parking lot’s closes at 11.
Maybe a homemade hot air balloon rigged with flares?

Fuctifiknow, I’m just another river sufferer suffering through the occasional crowd.


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