Pas de Choix

with a name like Katia, there was never any doubt we wouldn’t follow.
and here are some looks from various nooks.

but the heart of the matter.
is more complicated.
confused because i thought the only reason to go to church was the cookies and free wine.
according to Eddie, Quebecer’s are shitting and pissing and camping at one particular church.
i bet nobody else in the entire history of the bay has relieved themselves discreetly, but i’m not a gambler.
thankfully, Eddie is the only one holding onto the Brazzo-as-scum-of-the-earth argument and wise opinions are shared and the author does not pass judgement.
but i take this to be a challenge to prove locals wrong with regard to the respect Quebecer’s can possess.
especially when our only option is to travel for waves.

and luckily, L’Anglais is the true Quebecer they’ll rake over the coals and I’m just another lousy immigrant.

post script 9-22 addition.
what i’m really trying to say is it isn’t the capability of the surfer that makes one a kook, it’s the respect one shows toward, the waves, the land, the spot, the art and the other surfers that differentiate the lot.




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