el marketing en los tiempos del colera and love for hyperlinks

Now I could really care less about a bunch of bro’s performing in a judged event anywhere, but this latest Quik fuckery is extraordinarily genius. Spead a vague rumour of a story that the event MIGHT be cancelled, days before it is set to begin. And by vague, we’re discussing the cancelation of bmx, rollerblading, muscle man comps vs the surf circus.

First thoughts being that this is an excellent way to emotionally engage the audience. And by audience, I mean the critical mass of pedantic souls who are mesmerized by what they see on CNN.

Maybe now people will finally liken to buying ugly board shorts from a vending machine. That’s a big maybe.

Ethics ’bout as low as their stock price. Yew!

At least the forecast hints at the possibility of waves for the spectacle. And by spectacle, please read the good word from St Peter of Bowes.
Good word 1   Good word 2  Good word 3


One Response to “el marketing en los tiempos del colera and love for hyperlinks”

  1. thanks for the headsup sludger – we do try to please the fringe folk

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