There are many key ingredients and techniques involved in a proper brew of Sludge Soda, but one that we have yet to discuss is the ingredient-slash-technique of chimpin, i.e. amateur digital photography.

Who wants to read a bunch of ill-written posts that don’t include half-decent flix to perv on? Nobody.

Luckily, our man McGoon is our main shutter bug and he always gets his photo, no matter how wobbly his board is, AND DEFINITELY, no matter how gassed or sauced his pumpkin might be. Observe.

Don’t forget, most of these photos are snapped by McGoon while he’s riding another wave, and yet, he still has the horizon dialed in.

This kid should be working for National Geographic…he’s not even scared of bears up close!

Now, unfortuantely for McGoon, he’s stuck swillin with a bunch of half-wit souses that can barely keep a camera steady when its strapped to a tri-pod. See what I mean?

There are more things wrong with this photo than there are with the Turcot Interchange!

This one isn’t too bad, but the horizon is more tilted than the Champlain Bridge, and really, I only got lucky cuz I was machine gunning the trigger.

Sadly, McGoon is stuck with us and will have to be satisfied with taking photos of his own feet.


2 Responses to “Chimpin”

  1. Supreme Commander Harper Says:

    Ownin that $hit, Pepe!

  2. Jajaja. Beunas dias comrades. When I researched “chimpin” the only conclusion I came to was definition 3. in the urban dictionary:

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