Diēs Caniculārēs

Mega Mike, a dedicated guzzler of our fine brew, says that “working during the summer is a waste of life.”  Sludge Soda concurs and recommends double gulps, double gulps!


5 Responses to “Diēs Caniculārēs”

  1. Chuck Norris Says:

    “In the deleted scenes of The Delta Force, Mega Mike and I had a 3 day paddle battle across the caspian sea, 4 week portage from tehran to beirut and were supposed to duke it out with a boogie boarding comp at jonas beach – centro lebanon, but Mega paddled straight to cyprus to catch THE bomb swell of 1986 . respect.”

  2. Ghost of Timothy Treadwell Says:

    True story: Mega Mike was respected but rejected by the grizzly populace of SE Alaska after he depleted the entire season’s salmon stock and drank all their Rainier beer.

  3. Arch Bishop Chômage Says:

    “working during the summer is a waste of life” – amen reverend mega, amen

  4. paddleaddict Says:

    huge fan of the sturdy fella

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