Diver Cite dimanches: tales from the punchbowl du nord

8hrs passed at a beach(sic) only a short distance from a casino, all day picnic electronic and park of colourful characters often reveals a Petri dish of humanity. Sometimes it takes days to recall and process the whole fiasco. So here is July 14’s surf report journal entry. Late, like your teenage gf.

“I rowed into that last one like a dragon boat.” L’Anglais
Four shirtless pingers dance to pulsing techno under the bridge – that’s a first.
Big Rich T aims and fires nothing but over cropped mediocrity. Epic fail the kids might say.
Ma and Pa point-n-shoot nab some keepers to show the grand kids. Prediction for first wave of groms…the year 3030.
The big Dorado receives the hot coat then grass finish. Cutting edge designs or too much bud n clam juice?

“ostie, c’est encore le quartier Rosemount jusqu’au 167th avenue…”
Inebriated cougar asks in passing “is this the way to the cure surfer boys? Ben sur, mademoiselle, ben sur?
Doubly inebriated boyfriend nearly hugs me before gearing down and putting on a different type of shore dance. Zoiks!

“Man, it’s like the good old days today.” Martin Guava
Like the token jean guy at the ski hill, Sunday welcomed at least one running shoe surfer.
Man with life vest and snorkel passes hours in the murky exit eddy. It ain’t the stromatolite views found in the lakes of Ts’kw’aylaxw first nation territory.
A foreign camera crew is all business for about 20 minutes: frantically grabbing angles, shots and generally running amok. For what? The Laird only knows.

People eh.
The heat summons weirdness and I like.


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