facebook et nike ne font pas tres sludgesoda ….. mais check out le video fucination …. fou dans tete


2 Responses to “”

  1. boarder95 Says:

    love the chicago bulls to ….

  2. horace grant rips the board. dish to pippen. pippen to MJ for the win! Says:

    c quoi 2 parle?

    facebook = less people in the water cuz they be updating they statuses and posting 147 blurry, ill-timed, meh photos = mas olas.

    FUS = next level sewer rat river chargers. mas respect.

    nike, no stranger to the sweat shop nor sweaty bball court, believes slavery never should have been abolished and should use those slaves to start making wetsuits that don’t self destruct (hint: publicly traded corporations below).

    if billabong, quiksilver, volcom, rip curl and whoever else vanilla custard f*ck are “core surf brands” then i say nike is too. same same, more biz less bro.

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