Stick Sale

Hate to do this, but, it’s time to sell one of my all-time favourite surfboards. My custom-made Guava. This board is a traditional shape with a diamond tail and a five fin set-up that allows you to run it as a thruster or quad. The board comes with a brand new Gorilla pad and some used (good condition) FCS H2 Quad fins.  The measurements are as follows: 6’3 – 18 & 1/2 – 2 & 1/4

For those of you who don’t know, Guava Surfboards was a bad-to-the-bone, Montreal-based shaper that is sorely missed. McGoon still rocks several Guavas all over the world, including in our dear polluted St.Lawrence.

My board is banged up but still in solid condition and definitely won’t de-lam like all those overpriced and overhyped Firewires out there. Also, it’s suitable for a variety of surfers and surf conditions. I’ve surfed it in 3 different oceans and 3 different rivers. Hell, the more I write about it, the less I want to sell it. Get at me before I change my mind! Best offer nabs it!


3 Responses to “Stick Sale”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Still for sale?

  2. the joneses quiver Says:

    ha! you will never keep up with the joneses quiver simply because we are the joneses. even if you got close we would just buy new fins and the latest, unreleased summer teeth t. we are SO on it.

    sorry in advance.
    the joneses

  3. F dub the philistine Says:

    Hey! F dub the philistine here. I resent your opinion of me being an overpriced and overhyped wave riding vehicle. Did you know that we are perpetually manufacturing new shapes so you can just buy a new one and worry not about your old one delaming, but about keeping up with the joneses and their new quiver.

    In the business, we call it blind consumerism, but on the balance sheet we call it breaking even to maintain adequate debt ratio’s and satisfy the economic illnesses of venture capitalists.

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