west coast inspirations

while it was difficult to determine if more time was spent manicuring his afro or his dangler, the kind fella vending santa cruz raspberry lemonade had time to note the overhead passing of a great blue heron. What a great day for skim boarding, I thought. At wreck beach.

But I digress and imagine the great blue heron has become a number one supporter of sludge soda. Not in a foul weather sense – more like the bandstand banter slash anonymous creeper sense. I mean, any given session it is common to have several of these bent-neck fools gliding, swooping and seemingly observing the scene. Do these birds even have the mental capacity to understand our bizarre water dances? Fuct if I know. They got their own glide thang going on and I have finally stepped back `nuff to notice.

Next week we interview a double-crested Cormorant and discuss the merits of bacon grease candles.


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