“take that garbage to st. elsewhere”

There is smog, crystalline silica and change in the air. I speak not of the nun’s isle drifters relocating and bathing near habitat, nor the sweet hum of city jackhammers cracking the indurated, friable, but of the paddle revolution at habitat.

What prompted this shift in attitude – the royal couple’s tour?

Bit of a grey area with the invention, implementation and associated deposit-for-use rope days of o five o six, but we’re past that now and thank the Laird.

In the end we can only give props to D. Castillo for proving time and time again that no more than a couple well-timed strokes will put you in the sweet spot.

So in this chaotic, no-rules, no regulations terroir what becomes the age threshold for using the rope? Where can one draw a line in the sand when it is just bedrock?

Happy trails and ta, thanks for paddling.


One Response to ““take that garbage to st. elsewhere””

  1. dawnpatrolguy Says:

    finally famous. without castleman’s line this morning, the lineup was quick and frustrations ran high

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