Gremmie Attack!

In standard surf cultures, groms are usually the ones ripping with critter style, chop hops galore, more sponsor stickers than Bertlemann circa United Airlines and more energy than Costco format jumping beans. An often annoying, yet quintessential group within surfing’s hierarchy that can make you and your surfing feel old.

Ever since I began this river suffering™ thang I have always remarked the absence of groms.
The sheer number littering winter snow parks and charging with reckless (read: inspirational) abandon is enough to keep one’s snow game in check.
But what do the runts do come summer?

I’ve always told myself it was protective parents shielding their children from the nasty St. Lawrence or smart parents conditioning their kids to stay away from hazardous rapids – I know my parents did. And after hearing of a local guide’s recent fin-splitting misadventure down the rapids, just not certain many how-to sources remain.

Enough unknowns.
What I do know is than an unidentified Machado ‘do sympathizer rocked up solo Saturday afternoon; board (incl volume) in tow, suprisingly fit and had a good go at the spiraling right hander. It was a single fin and single run attack, but he caught the wave no problem, shot me a big grin and seemed to know what he doing once standing. Rad!

So it is with great pleasure for me to present the pennant for SS Grom of the year!
Hope to see you soon, pissant.
Will you take us for a pleasure cruise in your mom’s Zodiac?

Sincerely, SS Chaleur de Recevoir committee.


2 Responses to “Gremmie Attack!”

  1. l'anglais Says:

    Hey Ras! When you gettin ur ass out into the river to sample some SludgeSoda? It quenchs all thirsts!

  2. no one to harrass in the lineup eh

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