yet another 48 hrs

Reggie Hammond: All right, knock this shit off! I HAVE BEEN HAVING A VERY BAD DAY! I just got out of jail this morning! Already I’ve been shot at, I was on a bus that flipped over seventeen times, bitch tried to stab me in the back room, and somebody blew up my Porsche! I am in a BAD goddamn mood! Now I usually don’t step in on things like this, but this man Jack Cates is gonna help me straighten out the rest of my day! So I suggest you all back up, and let us go about our business!

 Reggie Hammond: Let me tell you something, Jack. If shit was worth something, poor people would be born with no hole in their ass.

Jack Cates: This *is* the new car!

Reggie Hammond: This looks like the same piece-of-shit sky blue Cadillac you had before!

Jack Cates: Yeah, I bought the same make, model, year, color, everything the same. That’s the way I like it. I get attached to things, Reggie!
Reggie Hammond: When you’ve been in prison as long as I have, you remember every story about pussy you ever heard.
On the beat, mother nature overpowered a nearby sewage treatment plant and something like 9 million feces-contaminated plastic discs washed up in various enclaves of the coast. Fortunately for our fecal ingestion, 3 days of offshore winds likely helped to push the sludge soda to Ireland. Love the part that quotes some, umm Senator; if it had happened in July, the consequences would have been more severe due to an increased number of beach walkers. FYI skippy – the ecosystem doesn’t stay indoors during the “off season”, but thankfully a minimal amount of beach walkers witnessed the carnage, which officials sat on and decided to inform the public 7 jours plus tard!


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