plus ça change, plus c’est la même osti chose

In the spirit of Martha Stewart or all things consumer-spending dependant, Sludge Soda is jubilant to present our twenty ten top ten of whateverness.

Lettuce kick off with the positive:
*Quote of the year Monday,  9-28-10. “I think better in my wetsuit.” L’Anglais. Further scientific left-handed Marlboro evidence compiled by JL supports this hypothesis. “You get higher if you smoke with your wetsuit on.”
*Ku-Yah – Bin Lurking this site and its previous home in the blogspot webosphere since somewhere around 2007. At first I used the site to gain some perspective on the NS scene and hoped photos would be posted with obvious landmarks. No dice. Now it is simply to read the musings of another stoked person who surfs and actually gets it. Very refreshing. Critical thinking is so underrated. Same with sharing stoke.
*Oregon Surf – Spent a fair amount of learning time floundering about in Oregon. This site makes me wish I could spend more time there. Less so the sharks.
*Liquid Salt – Interviews some interesting peeples.
*Don’t know anything of these insects, but they post damn fine snaps with minimal commentary. 2 thumbs up!!
*Big up McDonald’s café – Tim Hortons and their patriot-stroking attempts are disgusting. Although Bill 510 directly affects the US, it won’t be long before similar laws are fast tracked in Canada with the financial lobbying of such conglomerates as Tim Horton’s and its robot food suppliers. This is a fast food company that has succeeded in making Canadian’s, Christ even Quebecers, believe they should identify with a $hitty resto. You know the commercials: 5am hockey with beyond mediocre Timmy’s coffee, young adults bonding in the country with Timmy’s oatmeal. Reality check: 5am hockey practice is never easy breezy and how f*cking country can it be if there is a Tim Ho’s nearby…
*Corran Addison Marketing 101 – One need not a solid product when one can rest assured that the vast majority of consumers are complete idiots. There are a lot of uneducated people buying surfboards here, but a heckuva lot more in the OC. What a kook. At least he is finally learning how to ride waves.
*Got Surf? Tabarnac! Le nom est originalement originale. Can’t deny that it does feature “the best surfers and film makers in Canada” but after that, $hits’ stale and uninspiring as cold, undercooked mashed potatoes and a warm, flat Coors light.

Cripes, that’s enough reflecting. The only reflection I need right now is my pearly whites reflecting off a glassy cylinder somewhere South of Schwartz.

Martha, if you’re reading this and need a trusty consultant, I’m your guy.



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