Museum Fifteen Hundred and One

In the past I have been a trifle critical of SBC surf magazine, precisely issue 4, which forced me to boycott the rag altogether and label them a poor man’s TWS. However, since they changed the type of print paper, somewhere around issue 7, the magazine became decidedly more interesting. The travel sections are both inspiring and practical and possibly account for the largest percentage of the mag’s content. Fancy that, useful information, in abundance. I thought I was just buying the magazine to look at the ads so I know what to buy so I fit in, homogenously speaking.

Unfortunately, the .com is still chugging along, blindly, offering little to no inspiration and a whole boatload of intraweb redundancy.

An original thought recently published on the site, however, should not be overlooked, especially by local surfers. As a service we provide, readers need not click on this link for the article, I will paraphrase the important details:

“It’s more like stationary waterskiing” I completely agree, but have admittedly never tried moving waterskiing.

“one larger one that often features a huge ball of white water, and is very similar to heading to the beach to catch whitewash all day” Brah, you couldn’t imagine how epicly epic this is with a Dragonrossi, Imagine or Firewire. Production boards are so in.

“I whacked some poor passer-bys with my board” – Sigh. Sounds like he is adapting to the habitat kook culture with ease.

And most importantly “There are two waves in Montreal” Don’t forget this.

Now if our 2 dedicated readers would tweet these thoughts to some twits they know, the local surfing population might finally realize how uncool it is to surf ‘round these islands and take up something far more hep, like kite surfing or overnight full sleeve tatty jobs.


One Response to “Museum Fifteen Hundred and One”

  1. l'anglais Says:

    The only thing missing from his article is a GoPro shot. I love that angle. Totally.

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