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Countryside Endeavours

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“At Quebec, Three Rivers, Montreal, and the little fort of Richelieu, that is to say, in all Canada, no man could hunt, fish, till the fields, or cut a tree in the forest, without peril to his scalp. The Iroquois were everywhere, and nowhere. A yell, a volley of bullets, a rush of screeching savages, and all was over. The soldiers hastened to the spot to find silence, solitude, and a mangled corpse.”

Guess we got off easy…


2 week left ….. finallement un a frame parfait

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de mieux en mieux ce trip ….. apres desert point , g land , the bukit area . j ai finalement trouver la vague de reve … lakey peak est ma nouvelle vague prefere . droite et gauche a barel . bon resto . good peoples . juste parfait . desoler les ordinateur du coin n accepte pas  ma carte memoire g donc du piquer des foto sur le net


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alleged report of someone actually hitting the wall. the wall itself. seriously.
grumpy locals spooking kooks out of the water.
other kooks ditching boards and risking lives.
the world needs more grumpy locals.

back to back weekend ground swell. rare.
good enough to make this latest flatspell neglible.

getting dirty in the ‘burbs

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where rollerblades are hip and onlookers raise concerns of sanity

file under surf tuesday’s

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shit never gets old. maybe for the “crowds” it does

last of fall colors

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solitude at last from the infectious Biff Tannen

Trucs pratiques pour BALI

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1ierement le t shirt pour avoir la paix

2iemement un bon kit anti infection for the reef cut

3iemement if you pass out make sure your friend dont have access to your room

4eimement le livret des tides help a lot

5eimement les big white birds aime les peanuts fraiches et ce faire trippoter les sous de bras

6iemement en novembre la moustache est primordial (worldwide)

7eimement ca peut sauver ta vie (we all kn0w why now)