better back than – a salut not a review

It must have been better back then.  To start with, you could smoke in malls, airplanes and hospitals. Asbestos in schools and houses. Lead-based paint used on coffee mugs and toys. Ford Pinto’s. Better. Right?

At a time when it is far more economical and relevant to search for new surf video’s on Dane’s regularily updated sessions or anything posted on this site, why on earth would I waste money on a digital video disc? Cuz it was only 5 clams.

Names? I recognized Greg Loehr of Resin Research notoriety and one Jeff Crawford of East Coast surfing fame.

The rest? No idea. I likely have the Southern Cali surf media racket to blame for this one because since I began reading surf mags in the late 80’s, the only coverage the East Coast ever got was for its lack of consistent quality surf.

A little research led me on an intraweb goosechase:
*Pete Dooley – The producer and narrator gives the video a warm reflective vibe, since he was actually around during the heyday summarized in the film, and I find his dry humor to be a notch above Bruce Brown or the recent works of Thomas Campbell. 
*Rick Rasmussen – I suppose that prior to widespread lucrative contracts, travelling surfers were forced to generate funds through their own means. To him that meant trolling Harlem, searching for a yayo distributor. On the positive side, he is the only New Yorker to ever win Pipe Masters and partly responsible for the discovery of G Land with Jerry Lopez, so surf historians say.
*Gary Propper – Still an East Coast surf legend, but now more famously known for being Carrot Top’s agent and inventing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The schooling continued by I shall not bore thou with random titty bits.

Bottom line: the surfing in the movie is dated but great, the footage from Jerry Law captures a great vibe that is more than just surfing, the soundtrack is not $hitty pop techno and the waves are always better yesterday.


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