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braise a 1/2lb beef roast in garlic and onions.add 355ml black pepper gravy. slow cook for 8 hours. remove from gravy. using two forks, pull apart the beef until it is shredded into tiny strings. place back in gravy. stir in chopped carrots, green beans, peas and corn. cook an additional 45min to allow the flavors to develop. plate and top with clouds of mached potatoes au fromage.


a+ ok

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hehehe did not feel a thing . now in padang padang surfing ulu ‘s new gost swell not really what i wish for . after back on the bike and going to sumbawa . sumba . timor . area .

a ok

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From: _____________
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Subject: RE: MIA?
yes bro im all good ……. the tnunami hit sumatra and mentawai … i waz in nusa lembogan ripping up shipreck at that time … i scored a …desert point …uluwatu …..lembogan ….. in lombok to ….; now flat so im in the jungle …. whit elo visiting ok …. im off for sumbawa scar reef next swell …. then after finish my trip in sumatra .. then kl again to get ink done ……

Subject: MIA?
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 11:28:35 -0400
Yo Johnny.
Just saw a news article that said 2 charter boats are missing in the Mentawai’s.Not sure where you are.Everything cool?

better back than – a salut not a review

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It must have been better back then.  To start with, you could smoke in malls, airplanes and hospitals. Asbestos in schools and houses. Lead-based paint used on coffee mugs and toys. Ford Pinto’s. Better. Right?

At a time when it is far more economical and relevant to search for new surf video’s on Dane’s regularily updated sessions or anything posted on this site, why on earth would I waste money on a digital video disc? Cuz it was only 5 clams.

Names? I recognized Greg Loehr of Resin Research notoriety and one Jeff Crawford of East Coast surfing fame.

The rest? No idea. I likely have the Southern Cali surf media racket to blame for this one because since I began reading surf mags in the late 80’s, the only coverage the East Coast ever got was for its lack of consistent quality surf.

A little research led me on an intraweb goosechase:
*Pete Dooley – The producer and narrator gives the video a warm reflective vibe, since he was actually around during the heyday summarized in the film, and I find his dry humor to be a notch above Bruce Brown or the recent works of Thomas Campbell. 
*Rick Rasmussen – I suppose that prior to widespread lucrative contracts, travelling surfers were forced to generate funds through their own means. To him that meant trolling Harlem, searching for a yayo distributor. On the positive side, he is the only New Yorker to ever win Pipe Masters and partly responsible for the discovery of G Land with Jerry Lopez, so surf historians say.
*Gary Propper – Still an East Coast surf legend, but now more famously known for being Carrot Top’s agent and inventing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The schooling continued by I shall not bore thou with random titty bits.

Bottom line: the surfing in the movie is dated but great, the footage from Jerry Law captures a great vibe that is more than just surfing, the soundtrack is not $hitty pop techno and the waves are always better yesterday.

How To…Clear A Crowded Lineup at Evening Glass Off‏

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“Just one more, then I’ll go in for dinner.”
Ever heard that one before?
Statistically, the last last one will take forever and your stomach will growl in discontent. Realistically, your last good wave should have been your last, but greed is a tough hunger to curb. Perhaps your mood will turn sour and you may even purposely drop in on someone, solely on the premise that it’s your last wave and you won’t be there to deal with the guy you burned.

Sludge Soda has developed NEW! technology to help clear crowded, empty stomach evening lineups of growly bears.
We call it the Charcoal Barby Smokeout.


*set up a charcoal grill upwind from those sitting in the lineup.
*the 20+min to get the charcoals stoked should perk the senses of the target market as it conjures up vivid memories of Euro and Latin street meat or even that SE Asia girly boy oversight.
*toss on some fab grill ‘ems and watch the lineup clear as the fat drips down, sizzling upon hot rock contact. Tsssssssssss.
*crack a local brew, let the meat cook slow ‘n low and study the lineup.
*as you eat, hungry surfers en masse will paddle in, stop and they might even say “hey, that smells good, I was wondering where that smell was coming from.”

You will nod, mumble incoherently “the plan is working” and mention “looks pretty fun out there.” They won’t even understand why they are leaving a pumping lineup to go feed their belly, but Eddie Bernays might.

Q310 folio

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This crisp, sunny fall weather is nice an’ all, but when is summer coming back?
and who said wetsuit triknology is improving: a warm 5mm + boots + gloves = tinman mobility

travelling light

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aren’t those gothic dolphins on the endangered species list?
perhaps just the other side of the spectrum.