A.cos(w.t + p)‏

Swell. Check.
Light offshores. Check.
Lunar. Putain. The bloody moon was out of place.
Unfavorable double ups were ubiquitous.
Moral of the story: Spring tides s*ck. Neap tides rule.

Moving forward, I am in disbelief to confirm the perceived existence of a prostitution ring at the NH Liquor Barn slash State Safety Rest Stop.
Slicing away on a fresh cantaloupe I witnessed an apparent sale pute, hop out of one semi trailer, only to approach the neighboring unit.
Her carefree demeanor, combined with a glazed expression and steady sway raised other suspicions.
“Because the rock man’s got em and they butts just dropped”
Unfortunately for her, there were no more takers and she went on to rove the parking lot for the next 30 minutes.
Then, just as we were ready to pull out, a biker showed up with a sub for the 8:30  – ??? shift.
She hopped off the bike, pulled herself together and began ho strolling the same perimeter at the rest area.
Bizarre. You bet.
Profitable. For the pimp.
Long live capitalism.


One Response to “A.cos(w.t + p)‏”

  1. A River Sufferer makin the most of better-than-decent conditions. Nicely done!

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