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ya du monde en tabarnac

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c la guerre . ouf les dernier swell on ete ruff . 2 ou 3 jours bien mais pour le reste la mauvaise orientation de la houle = close out sur toute les vagues ou presque  apart un spot avec 100+ surfer pour 3 main peak . dropping 10 a la fois et tout les pro local a leau g quand meme eu des vagues .  ya eu 2 bon jours de flat .et ca la reprit avec force vent de terre all days mercredi long period et bon size bonne recette pour ce faire beat up un ti peu le swell est back maybe un ou 2 jours off shore donc peu etre un bon show a la plage des culs nus


the … cup

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captain’s log, september 12, two thousand and ten:

the wave quality is not quality.
either a mouton royale or pretty decent. more mounton, though.
on-the-go format worked and ca$h and plentiful booty were up for grabs.
the rope was not a factor, but catching the wave was.

next year they should bring cormican to show us what tricks are.

congrats to oz

Name Game

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danielle was a darling, hung around for days.
earl was a one punch that some people apparently got goooooood.
fiona where ya going?
gaston, qu-est que tu va faire?
igor, i am sorta relying on you for my vacation enjoyment.

seasons greetings.

guava how-to guide for interprovincial travel $28.99, for u my friend $19.99


photos par marc-andre laurin

cheap one

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Booking confirmation

la saisons de surf en prolongation

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     la cote landaise tire a ca fin . plus que quelques semaine dans le beach break francais . mais la bonne nouvelle c que je vais aterrir dans locean indien pour un bon 2 mois et demi . voila que du bonheur une ou 2 vagues parci  par la et c ca!

Dealing With The Sunday Crowds

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“Pork is the white man and white man is pork. If you spell white man backwards, what does it spell? Pork.”

Though I won’t delve into the deeper philosophical meaning behind Dead Mike’s disdain for pork, I will suggest a scrumptious summertime recipe to get your swine on.

*1 slab of tender, juicy pork (chipotle x maple syrup is a sure thing)
*Authentic MTL bagels
*Sharp cheddar
*Romaine lettuce
*Chipitas aka frizzle fried onion salad toppers
*Mayonesa Casera AlaCena
*Aji AlaCena
*Dull knife to saw, rather than pull the pork, had it been prepared long-cook, low-temp stylo.

She’s a design-build, so knock yourself out.


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Wave (wãv)
1. A ridge or swell moving through or along the surface of a large body of water

Wreck-er (rêkær)
1. One that wrecks or destroys

Now let’s say it together:
(wãv) (rêkær)

What the above specimen fails to demonstrate is the look of confusion and anger on the competent surfer’s face who was faded on this juicy little nugget.