Sunday Sundey Sundea Sundae

Ooh and ahhs from the peanut gallery.
Sweaty weather from the gods.
B+ to A- wave shape.
The tug o rope was popular.
I heard The Karate Kid theme music when Gab roped in. I swear.


4 Responses to “Sunday Sundey Sundea Sundae”

  1. did the judges award bonus points for swimmers?

    • Minister of Propaganda Says:

      Is that supposed to be a rhetorical question?

      Rope-tuggin is shameful, in general, not just during comps.

  2. Joseph G. Says:

    Ich stimme dir völlig zu!

  3. Minister of Propaganda Says:

    Using the rope to catch the wave (especially when it’s VERY catchable) is like going home from the bar and tugging on your weiner because you were too chickenshit to approach that hot, and VERY fuckable, girl at the bar. Yes, by jerking off, you nutted but you didn’t really get fucked did you? And, you’re certainly not bragging about it to your friends the next day, are you?

    Way-to-go Banana Sunday Tuggers…you make me proud to be a Montrealer.

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