diy tijuana taxi board bag

*40 pounder of Belvedere
*1L of white grapefruit juice
*Ice – lots of ice
*Jethro Tull – Thick As A Brick
*Fishing line
*Hook needle
*one neighbour who discards quality household items
*one discarded entrance mat
*Ice – just in case

*fill tall highball glass with ice
*six second free pour of muthaf*ckin Belvedere
*top with grapefruit juice
*play music
*trace outline of board
*cut away excess
*stitch along the lines
*turn inside out and voila!
*the song might be over at this point

Bring suitable fabric and a 40oz of vodka to our hq, so long as she ain’t Red Tassle, and you will return with a new board bag.


One Response to “diy tijuana taxi board bag”

  1. l'anglais Says:

    What’s next? DIY boardies?!

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