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you gots to chill fridays

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If you live someplace where the waves are inconsistent, lil peelers or generally mellow, yet you still slog it out on a HIGH PERFORMANCE THRUSTER, you probably HATE LONGBOARDERS.


We don’t. Glide time is a glorious time. And contrary to popular belief, these craft are a challenge to flow with.

There is no room for bipartisanship in surfing, keep it in politrics so our so-called democracies can perpetually fail.


retro Wednesdays

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nouvelles outre mer extension 24.178

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hehehe .. l été est au bord de la fin . le swell a ete on et off  pour toute la saisons .maintenent c septembre qui arrive .about time. les armes du crime sont . un velo de course sans freins avec un rack a surf . une linden 6.0 …un bat fish de bourton 5.10 .. un shorty et un 3.2 . la go pro et  tout c gadgets possible. la riviere me manque un peu . un petit brunch du dimanche en chine serait cool . ya eu un peu de swell ce week end . voilla je travail icit jusqua mi oct et apres ?????? (somewhere warm)

surf tuesday

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As important a day as there ever was

Not manic Monday
Nor taco Tuesday.
Not the day before hump day
Nor the rest of the days.

Simply Surf Tuesday


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the Ray Shuffle

the glide

the desperation kook sprint

Disclaimer: L’Anglais’ beauty was not harmed by them there rocks and only kooks ditch their boards.

Sunday Sundey Sundea Sundae

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Ooh and ahhs from the peanut gallery.
Sweaty weather from the gods.
B+ to A- wave shape.
The tug o rope was popular.
I heard The Karate Kid theme music when Gab roped in. I swear.

mr Fin

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beware roving patches of eurasion milfoil

sharpen thy skeg