Although I disagree that the ‘world’ needs more river surfing stories, I believe linking the river surfing community through a fun comp is a great way to bring similar minds together.

I/we/it/us/they/them decided to enter a video into this.

2 days of editing and 16 days to upload?

On the line is a waterproof HD cam that can help make future SS videos easier to watch = no gravol.

Update: As soon as the video was uploaded, YouTube police busted it for nothing important, so I bent over to them musically and we end up with this. Super cute, but not very amping, not to mention the overly sludge bit rate quality.

The actual video is saved here in standard sludge bit rate quality.

We will confirm when the video has been uploaded to the festival site, so then to persuade our 2 fans to tell their friends to tell their friends to vote thumbs up for us.

The video has been uploaded onto the contest site.


One Response to “CONTEST!”

  1. l'anglais Says:

    The Vimeo version is bananas…..somebody shit the bed on the youtube version.

    Contests are for kooks and gomers.

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