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south and south

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all theories out the window

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what can possibly explain 4 str8 days of bomber conditions leading to a wave looking less usable than whitecapping onshores, with a sprinkle of blowing sand.

before April flurries.

Down South but North

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Although I don’t suggest anyone buy a leash, ever, unless  you are planning to visit Chopes? Bernie Trot’s is selling off heaps of plastic and rubber for the price [sh]it [from china] should cost.

369 Moons Later

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In belated celebration of the Sludge Soda 1 year anniversary, we are offering a new line of essential LIFE X SURF accessories.

 *The Rico Suave Wax Comb is a haute couture combo of absolute function with timeless style. Made of 99.99% eco-friendly plastic and available in all my favorite pastel color ways, the comb provides ultimate traction to an unbumped stick, then throw it in your back pocket to cope with your post surf ‘do.

*Da Kine Brah Travel Pads slide neatly out of the news section of any national newspaper and onto your rooftop for adequate protection. Seeing as newpapers no longer publish too much “news”, I can see these travel pads appreciating immensely over the next few years.

*The Swedish Blade, despite bearing the name of a fancy, Scandinavian dildo, is an essential for any surfer going bare back. Simply apply sun block or aloe to the curvaceous paulownia wood applicator and spread the crema from the small of your back, over the spine, right up to the shoulders where your hands can do the rest. Solo application of creams has never been so easy.