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river surfing magazine

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le voici en version net ……..


Chinese Piss Party

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This post is LOOOOONG overdue. Apologies to shutterbug Mack. Damn, what we wouldn’t give to be back in our springsuits rightaboutnow!

Ghost-faced...soon to be shit-faced

Goons put the ass in class

Rabid rapids

Welcome to Texas

BROKE da Mout

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with the forecast looking rather grim, we reflect on warmer times, like last August 21.

simple ceviche:

slice up 3 small tilapia filets
mix in chopped serrano chili, tomato, onion, cilantro
purchase lime press
squeeze the juice of 8-12 fresh limes
mix together and eat now or later on a corn tostada

one happy duck ……

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“C’est où ça le Kentucky? Sur Sainte Catherine dans l’est”

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We could dumb you down with the latest and greatest fitness and health tips to endure this h1n1 season, but L’Anglais has it pretty sorted and provided this link. It’s all about strengthening the core…

Duck People

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