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dreaming of not being here

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Martin Guava and I ventured down to Peru last October to meet up with Daniel Castillo and experience some of Peru.

First we went North and caught a really good swell.
The waves were both amazing and humbling.

Then we hung around Lima and points South.
Daniel and his friends showed us an unforgettable time.

Big thanks to Andres Wurst, Martin and Daniel for filming.

The food was amazing.
Dusty. The wild West.
Going back soon. 
Not as soon as L’Anglais.



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Peter the Phantom is Chuck Norris’ long, lost brother. True story.

Key Lime Pie Yogurt. Hot Damn‏

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Indian Summer in November?
Many hoodless. True brutes–gloveless.
Trop S mixto w/ regional NE groundswell = shifty yet solid energy.
NE fog wishing it was London Fog (2oz Gin + 1/4oz Pernod -> Shake well and serve)

Tidal flux from hell.
OH to DOH shared with half of Baaawston.

Buenas olas
Shucks I missed today’s early.

Is this a joke?

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who knows ?

Construire une vague vol 1

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G trouvé une rampe qui ressemble a peu de chose près a celle des suises … Meloche-Ville a été la premier spot qu on a visité pour installer la rampe… mais pas de chance la disposition ne permet pas l installation … ensuite je suis aller voir au park des rapides mais les gardes mon interdit l accès a la rive … Alex Larue ma dit que cettait possible de fixer la rampe a Laval …. la ou a eu lieu notre test no 1 ….

pour conclure ….. construire la rampe est une bonne idée …. la trouvé un peu moin ya de bonne chance quelle ne soit pas conçue pour cette fonction ………….. et la vague de Laval a du bon potentiel

Margs como Pablo

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Step 1: Prepare a glass with a kosher salt rim and fill your shaker with ice.

Red sky at night...
Step 2: Pour 3 seconds of tequila blanco and 1 second of cointreau.

Lil Peeler
Step 3: Top with the freshly squeezed juice of 4 oranges and 4 limes.


Step 4: Shake well and enjoy

Sea of Cortez

5 or 6

spring 2010

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