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en voie d’extinction

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L ExtrêmeOrient est tres desertique c temps ci …. il ne reste que les goons et les oiseaux ….ou sont allés les kayaks …. apres une recherche intense g fini par comprendre qu ils etaient parties a la decouverte de nouveaux spots … les recherches s effectuent dans le nord …dans les air … et dans le sud … d autre se font a la piscine … au lac … et a la campagne …voila ou sont les pagayeurs

je dedicace ce post a la schtroumphette …. we miss you

we miss him 2

we miss him 2

un petit extra bien  pour finir …….

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Do You Know The Way to San Jose?

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Maybe not…

Shopping, like at the mall

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Surfing Magazine – November 2009 Issue
$5.99 USD $6.99 CAD
With the loonie soaring towards parity, how long will we continue to pay more?  Assholes.

You should steal, barter or even buy this magazine for one reason:
A copy of youth against establishment’s? latest surf flick, BS! is included for free.
Free dvd is good, the magazine is not.

In the vein of Young Guns and Passion Pop, BS! documents the skills of some of the young, up-and-coming team members. 

The intro is a bonanza of glory.  Reminds me of Habitat on a Saturday in July.

Ozzie Wright finally has a brilliant section that compliments his hectic surfing, along with snippets of a couple other team members, but the main focus is on the young fellers.  Some sort of groovy diplacement hull makes a few entrances with some big, drawn out turns.  At one point, Rasta comes out of nowhere and surfs into a dolphin.  Huh? 

There are many one hit waves, finners, tail throwers and too many sloppy 360’s, but the footage shows more pop ups and fresh angles on surfing than most other videos. 

Music may or may not have been scored by Frank Zappa, circa Joe’s Garage.

The end section is especially moody, with a full session dedicated to a heaving lefthander.  Perhaps it is Maui or maybe just somewhere tropical, but it’s my favorite. The Mitch Coleborn guy rips harder than the rest.

Only the best for PB&J...only in the U S of A

The trailer is loud and unrevealing, but the video is good.

The magazine, on the other hand, dedicates approximately 52.11% of its 140 pages to advertisements.  Dirty.

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que fait on quand on ne surf pas

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que fait un goon quand il ne surf pas …… y en a qui on le pouce vert … ya a d autre qui enseigne … On  en a d autre qui travail … on en a qui cuisine … et d autre qui travail pas trop fort …. et une multitude d autre activité comme celle ci…

on pense juste a surfer … mais on fais d aut chose