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ce qui est flat ……

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des crepes


planche a repasser


Dave ex girlfriend

SANY0006habitat 67 avec un niveau de 7900 et .17 m/ 00’07” au-dessus du zéro des cartes le
2009/09/29 à 08:00


nouveau sport

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river trecking

JL’s Riverside Bistro Resto Bar Cafe Lounge

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Sunday’s will never be the same…

Gullotine or Electric Chair?

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Ron Jon crew at 5:45am or Gil paying for a lesson in China?

G Dubb Beyatch

The end is near

Surfing & The Third Reich

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A couple decades before the discovery of river surfing in Munich, locals were pretty limited in surfing options: mainly the ever-fickle Baltic and North Sea or a road trip to allied beaches to the South or Northwest.

Some even had enough gold to fork out for a trip to Indo…

But not without a few bumps along the way.

Yesterday’s News

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So, it all started two Saturdays ago, as in one week before this past Saturday.  We headed West.  L’Anglais was loaded like a mule…all the essentials.  A passing low-pressure system carried cool air and ugly conditions.  A seven-hour paddle session ensued.

In addition to the domestics, there was an import…Elijah Mack.  Not some corporate ninny being ushered here under his Quikbong Hurlcom contract.  A person who really loves surfing and has been travelling the globe in search of fun, rippable river waves where he surfs in complete solitude, much unlike the majority of NaCl-tainted bodies of water.  Inarguably, Elijah brought rain, hail and thunder on his sojourn.

The second day began with much uncertainty.  Monkey, the man with the ski, who was supposed to haul our lazy asses around all day, was nowhere to be seen.  JL, L’Anglais and I went out on paddle power for 3 hours before running into some kine, special folks

Post VAS, we were all business and Elijah thought it was high time to flex his bodysurfing skills on all the waves, enjoying modest success. 

Towards the end of the night Monkey decided to take Elijah and myself to some tow-in wave that neither of us had ever seen. Elijah went first, not even a glance to check the wave or consequences. Balls. Whipped in at 50km/h, plus? Rode the beast for a while, got eaten. Hit it again. Got eaten. Then Monkey caddied me in to try the beast. Got eaten. It was pitch black at this point and we went home.

Day three: L’Anglais and myself took time away from surfing to work?  Farckk.  It`s alright though, we were able to rendezvous with Oli and would eventually meet up with the others. Some paddled, some towed, all had a good time.

After that, something and someone and something with that and what and meh fucking meh.

Elijah went back to PO. 
R&D continued.
The waves keep rolling, peeling and churning.  
Water in the 70`s, air in the 80`s, it`s September?

Just want to say thanks to Elijah for coming all the way out here, seeing and enjoying what we are blessed with and bringing a breath of fresh air to the local scene.
Welcome back anytime.
Good vibes.
And so on.

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