Late breaking news flying off the Telex.

The man, the legend, Donavon Frankenreiter twittered a tweet late Saturday afternoon announcing his descent upon the fabled pancake known as Habitat 67 2009.

Although it would have been neat to witness, I rest assured there will be a malignant rash of video and photo glorifying the melee and opted to go surfing.

Word-of-mouth journalism at its best, this is everything I’ve heard:
-Donavan rode the feminine curves of the GSI Meyerhoffer
-3 HD cameras, including a water cam, captured all the action
-Donavon has style for days
-Monkey was paid two bills to water taxi the circus
-Wielding star power, Frankenreiter dropped in on Paul – priority status was unknown at the time of publishing
-He utilized the pendulum rope entry into the wave

Here is what my warped mind is thinking:
-Andrei will buy a Meyerhoffer
-Donavon may or may not have held Monkey by his hips as they bounced about in the choppy rapids
-Some local surfboard importer will “create” his own Meyerhoffer design
-What a useless waste of PR, when an intimate session with the legend could have been far more memorable to all involved parties.

This is what I witnessed towards the end of the raucous:
-Donavon looking weathered, hurried but pretty stoked
-The Billabong tent in the parking lot wasn’t selling hot dogs or shaved ice
-A concerned habitant of Habitat 67 called the police

Let the shitstorm begin…


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