Go North!

Introducing Dépanneur Sauvé.

A pungent waft nearly volumizes my water-damaged ‘do as I enter the bodega.  Recognizable scents of thyme, all spice and cumin are present, but other mystery ingredients of Pedro Cerrano brews elude me.  They have it all here: sexy kaffir lime leaves, stank paprika, lavish saffron and “a whole galaxy of multi-colored” spices.

Once you overcome the initial sensory overload, the first thing one will stumble upon is the cold beer selection.  Fairly standard variety, but they have a knack for mismatching old cases with new bottles.  Case in point, when was the last time you bought a sixer of Corona, clanking freely in a Bud box?  The singles selection is a bit of a letdown, as the availability of exotic imports is non-existent and $2 tally’s are largely ignored in favor of crap Labatt 710 millies.

Moving along, we reach the soda pop section.  Obamah!  Complete neglect for Coke and Pepsi name brands, but sub-tropical umbrella brands are well represented, including my personal fav, Inca Cola.  Kolashampan, Ting and Kola Couronne round out the bevy of exotic sugar waters.

Strolling aisles 1 through 3, it is evident the proprietor understands the surrounding multicultural demographic.  Beans, rice, mysterious canned vegetables and a wide variety of coconut milk line the shelves and well, you can pretty much find any desired ingredient.

A well-stocked fresh fish and seafood department borders the chopping block and butcher.  Prime cuts, fatty slabs and stuffed sausage are on display and the butcher is happy to serve.

Although the SAQ’s Grand Frére would not be impressed, random spirits occupy the shelves on a shelf near the cashier.  A half drank bottle of Alcohol 94% sits alongside a discounted 40 pounder of Appletons.  At $29.99, the Blue Light Special is explained by a hand written note that they lost the original bottle cap and now a Bailey’s cap keeps the contents sealed.  The Alcohol 94% is another story.  Apparently, a loyal customer crafts a potent mix of Haitian rum, coconut cream and various exotic spices and provides a promo taster.  The cashier did not offer me a swig of the milky Cremasse.

Lastly, there is a self-serve weave and hair care department.  Damn girl, holla!  

If you didn’t read any of the above, worry not, the real reason to visit this dep is for their avocado selection. Adhering to ISO standards and realized climacteric characteristics, Dépanneur Sauvé employs a multi-tier avocado ripeness system.  MTARS?  In layman’s terms, the ripest morning toast candidates are put on top or sold at discount, in the back, while the rock hard green guys are left on the bottom flat to ripen naturally.  Formidable, c’est géniale.

To the checkout.

Despite openly advertising Interac and Mastercard payment options on the door, don’t be surprised if you sense harsh resentment from the cashier as she shifts from her comfortable stool in aisle 1, to the electronic payment centre in aisle 1.5.  Oops, she forget the balance, back to “the” register and this time she enters the total on a calculator to cross-reference when she keys the total sale into the payment processor.

Corner of Sauvé and St-Urbain


One Response to “Go North!”

  1. l'anglais Says:

    I’m guessing they lace their broccoli in the Hoshhhhhh!

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