The 2nd annual Stand Up Paddle Canoe Bonanza went down this past weekend and it was a smashing success.  First time SUPCB enthusiasts had no trouble navigating the canoes around the flat lake.   One young lady even mentioned it was easier than surfing in a river and was going to spread the word to everyone she knows.

Lessons are available to any interested parties…

Warning: Lakes are unpredictable bodies of water and it is not advisable to try this emerging sport without the guidance of a non-certified instructor.  Helmets, a  self portait and creton bunwiches are included with the lesson.

First Attempt


2 Responses to “SUPCB”

  1. I meant to say high-priced advice, not lessons.
    chinese rapids call for chinese spirits

  2. l'anglais Says:

    ummm….do you give lessons on how to shoot chinese rapids in a canoe?

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